Tools & Tips

These tools and tips can help you run the best program possible!


  • Select a champion and share the duties. Reach out to parents with our invite letter found below. Don’t forget senior students make great Milk MoOOovers from class to class. This is the model followed by successful schools.
  • Encourage parents to prepay for milk by the month. It’s easier to administer, ensures children get the milk needed and will result in 40% more sales than a cash or ticket system.
  • The lower the price of milk charged to parents, the higher the sales will be, and the more your students will benefit. We suggest you sell your milk at $0.05 above the price you receive from your milk supplier or, even better, at the same price.
  • Did you know both white and chocolate milk are in the ‘sell most’ category according to the Ministry of Education’s School Food and Beverage Policy ? 83% of our schools offer both options, resulting in three times the milk sales!
  • Click here to find out if a Distinguished Dairy Distributor is available in your area.
  • Use the easy online ordering system to collect and place your orders with your distributor.


Communication for parents

These letters may be sent home to parents to let them know your school is offering a milk program and give them all of the information they need to enroll their child(ren):

Sample Milk Ticket Participation Letter

Sample Prepayment Participation Letter

Volunteer Recruitment Letter

Send this letter home to parents in order to recruit volunteers to help run the milk program at your school.

Parent Brochure



Milk Ticket Poster (PDF) 8½″x11″ or 8½″x14″

Hang this poster in your school to let your students know when and where they can purchase milk tickets.

How to Promote Your Milk Program

This document describes different ways to promote your milk program at your school. Have great ideas of your own? Tell us how your school promotes your milk program by emailing us at

Artwork For School Newsletters

If your school has a newsletter or other parent communication tools, use this Elementary School Milk Program artwork to send the message home to parents.


Forms and tickets

Milk Tracking Workbook (Excel)

The Milk Tracking Workbook makes it easy for you to track milk sales throughout the entire school year.

Class List Template (XLS)

This document helps each teacher keep track of their students’ milk orders.

Prepayment Order Form (PDF)

If your school uses a prepayment system for your milk program, this form should be sent home to parents, so they can prepay for their child(ren)’s milk.

Received Milk Ticket Tracker (PDF)

For schools that allow students to purchase multiple servings of milk in advance, these milk cards help schools track how much milk each student has received.

ESMP Milk Tickets (PDF)

Some schools use a milk ticket system for payment. Distribute these tickets to students once they pay for their milk. (One ticket per milk purchased).



Award of Excellence – Certificate (PDF)

This Award of Excellence is a nice way to show appreciation for students and volunteers who help run your school milk program.

How is ESMP Supported?

distinguished dairy distribution

In Ontario, many dairy distributors support the Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP), so Dairy Farmers of Ontario worked with local distributors to develop the Distinguished Dairy Distributor Service.

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