A young girl and a female teacher in a classroom A young girl and a female teacher in a classroom


As an ESMP volunteer or milk coordinator, you can ensure children are getting a serving of milk at school by helping to place orders, supervise milk delivery, keep track of collections and payments, and organize program events. It’s a great way to get involved in the school and community.

Become an ESMP volunteer at your child’s school. There are lots of ways you can volunteer and get involved. It doesn’t need to be a big time commitment, just give as much time as you are able and share the workload with other parents.



Milk Coordinators can be anyone such as a parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher or staff member, who helps make the ESMP a successful program for the school, convenient for the parents and fun for the students.

Milk Coordinators help:

  • Organize milk distribution to ensure milk gets distributed to students every day at lunch.
  • Get the word out by sending home notices and parent brochures.
  • Communicate with the dairy distributors to place, receive and check dairy orders.
  • Organize a payment system that takes care of finance details like collecting money, making bank deposits and preparing order forms or milk tickets.
  • Distribute milk rewards that motivate students to drink more milk at school.
  • Recruit and oversee Milk MoOOovers, who are senior students that help run your milk program.
  • Recruit additional parent volunteers to participate in your milk program.