Dairy Education

The dairy industry serves as an interesting and unique learning vehicle for students to expand their knowledge of the world around them while developing skills that will help them become well-informed decision makers and life-long learners.


Based on the latest Ontario Curriculum, each presentation is 45 minutes in length, features interactive activities, and is presented by a local dairy educator.


4 reasons to book the FREE dairy education program:

  • A 45-minute, in-class presentation by a fully trained dairy educator with hands-on, interactive, and SMART Board activities
  • Lessons geared to grade level and tied to the Ontario Curriculum
  • Teachers can choose from a variety of topics
  • Free educational aids and learning materials for students and teachers
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A teacher leads an elementary school class A teacher leads an elementary school class


It’s time to up your game. Packed with nutrients and a great way to stay hydrated, milk can help you build the fundamentals you need to get stronger and play harder.

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A child's hand makes a selection from a vending machine

Vending machine program – coming soon!

Soon schools without a milk program will be eligible for a milk vending machine. The program is in development and will focus on schools unable to run ESMP, secondary schools and community centres.

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