Run a successful Elementary School Milk Program (ESMP) in 8 simple steps 

Running a school milk program is easy and fun. You can run a successful program by following these simple steps:

  • Register for the program.
  • Appoint a Milk Coordinator.
  • Purchase or acquire a fridge to keep the milk cold. Don’t have a fridge? Most often your Dairy Distributor will help.
  • Place a milk order with your chosen Dairy Distributor. Not sure who to call? We can help!
  • Set the price for milk and encourage parents to prepay for milk by the month.
  • Recruit student Milk MoOOovers to help distribute the milk and rewards.
  • Call the milk help desk at 1-888-730-MILK (6455) if you have any questions. You can also email us at or send us a message using our contact form.
  • Have fun! Look for exciting ways to award the prizes and promote the program!
A young boy drinks milk from a glass

For detailed instructions download our ESMP Program Manual here. 

Download(PDF - 75 kB)
Milk Rewards

Motivate students with cool prizes!

The Elementary School Milk Program offers free rewards to help keep students interested in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Find out how to qualify!

Learn about Rewards