School Milk Program

First introduced in 1986, SMP is committed to providing elementary students with milk on a daily basis, so they can stay healthy, alert and ready to learn. Get your school involved today!

Schools registered for the SMP will receive:

All the information needed to run the program

Free posters and resources to promote your program

Milk coordinator support with online resources and newsletters

Join Milk Club Today and Earn Redeemable Points

Submit your milk program receipts in the upload section, to earn 10 points for every serving of milk receipted. That’s a lot of points!

Nutrition Info

A child’s growth depends on bone development. Milk products contain up to 15 essential nutrients, including protein and calcium to help young bones develop properly. Furthermore, all cow’s milk in Canada is fortified with vitamin D which helps the body absorb the large amounts of calcium found in both white and chocolate milk.

School Milk Resources

We’ve compiled a number of resources to help your milk program run smoothly.

Milk Program Coordinator Page

The desire to have a positive impact on your local school is all thats needed to become an ESMP volunteer, but you can find some other helpful tools here!